Review – Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

With so many people wanting to create businesses online it is important to find the best, most suitable, affordable keyword research tool online.

Keyword research is fundamental to developing a successful online blog and scaling SEO.

If you are a website owner and you hope to rank in search engines you need to know what keywords would help you to rank best in search engines.

This is where the Jaaxy Research tool comes in.

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Building your own Website – Use keywords And Rank Better


When you do a search on the internet, Search Engines use keywords or phrases to decide whether your site is the best fit to offer the information people are looking for on the internet.

These keywords when used backward makes it possible for website owners to tailor their websites to the need of the people. This, in turn, means that more of what persons are looking for will begin to appear on the internet.

When used right keywords can help you to make your site rank well on the search engines. This mean more traffic and a greater chance of earning from your website.

What Is a Keyword Research Tool

A keyword research tool is a tool used on the internet to help website creators and owners to find keywords and search terms that internet users are looking for. You may read more about the Best Affordable SEO Keyword Research Tool. 

These tools typically show the keywords, the regularity with which they are being searched, the number of websites that are competing for this search term as well as the probability of your site ranking on the first page of the search engine using these keywords.

This is a really great tool for new website owners to make use of.

What Is Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool with a simple, easy to use interface. It was created by Wealthy Affiliate to go along with their training program for affiliate marketers.

Read more about the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program.

Jaaxy – Keyword Research Tool Online with Free Trial

Keyword research

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that is free for use for the first thirty searches. The beauty of this is that you could try this tool without spending a dime.

This way if you are not satisfied with its performance you can walk away with your money intact.

This is the best type of offer I believe because the creators are essentially guaranteeing the quality of their product.

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My Review of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

I have been using Jaaxy for the last seven months. It is easy to use. It has tools attached that explains what each number means for the sake of clarity.

It is fast, reliable, and provides the information in a manner that is concise and easily understood. I am very satisfied with the results I have gotten from using this tool.

Jaaxy is an all in one SEO tool.

Jaaxy Keyword Suggestion Tool – Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

Jaaxy Alphabet soup takes keyword search to a whole other level by suggesting several keyword searches which are a spin-off from the first keyword.

It does this by adding the different letters of the alphabet to come up with new keywords. This is a great way to come up with hundreds of new writing ideas for your articles.

Of course, once you choose those that seem plausible you will need to check their SEO value. The Jaaxy Alphabet soup tool is a great tool to help content creators come up with more search terms.

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Use Jaaxy To Find Out How Your Site Is Ranking In Searches

Not only does it allow you to find the best keywords for your article, Jaaxy allows a site owner to check their ranking in the search engines.

What does this mean? Once an article is indexed by the search engines,  Jaaxy allows a website owner to, test the keywords they used in the creation of their article to see how their website is ranking in the search engines for that particular keyword.

This a very important piece of information to have, since in order to earn well from your website it is extremely important for it to rank on the first page of the search engines.

Sometimes this will require further research and doing a rewrite.

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Price of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Now I have recommended Jaaxy free trial but let’s talk price.

The Jaaxy Pro version costs $49 per month while the Enterprise version costs $99 per month. The pro version is economical with a set of tools that would please anyone seeking to build a website. See what each option has to offer here.

Try Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Now the tool below allows you to use the Jaaxy tool for your free, quality keywords up to thirty searches. Search free of cost. Try it today.


Jaaxy is a great free tool that has the ability to drastically change the way you build your website and rank in search engines. The fact that you get the first 30 searches means that you really have nothing to lose by taking it for a test run.

Before you go

Do you have long term experience with using Jaaxy? Please let me know how your experience was with this tool. Also on a scale of 1-5 how would you rate Jaaxy as a keyword research tool for your website?

If this is your first time using Jaaxy I’d love to hear how you felt about this tool. Be sure to leave a comment in the section below.

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  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing this informative article. I’ve never used the jaaxy keyword search tool but from this review I noticed you are impressed with the platform. I decided to give it a try with the free trial provided in this article and it is true that it is very easy to search for words. Jaaxy keyword search tool is something I feel like I can use for a long time. This was very helpful, thanks a lot. 

    • Hi Sophie,

      I am happy that you found this review helpful. I hope you will at least make use of the free trial. This is a really great tool and is well worth the price.

      Check back soon for more useful software.

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    • Thank you very much Rosana. It is indeed great and the best thing about it is that you can use it for so much more than keyword research. My favourite way to use Jaaxy is to check my site rank.

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