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Pinterest is one of the best platforms for digital marketers. Not only is it a social media platform but it is also a search engine.

Pinterest is a visual tool that was launched in 2010 to encourage persons to share ideas and gain inspiration.

Since it was first launched, Pinterest has grown quickly. Today just over 10 years after it first came on stream, Pinterest has a total of 478 million users.

This makes it the fastest growing social media platform. An online business owner would be remiss in not ensuring that his business benefit from this traffic.

However, as with any other marketing tool it is important to learn how to use it successfully.

If you simply create an account and begin pinning you are quite likely to fail to achieve your goal.

The real trick is in getting your pins before the right type of audience and causing them to click on it.

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Create Viral Pins With These Strategies1. Use Trending Keywords And Hashtags

One of the most important things when running a campaign on Pinterest is getting your pins in front of your audience. The best ways to do this is by using trending keywords and hashtags.

Trending keywords are those keywords that are popular right then and are generating the most searches. This of course increases your chances of showing up in searches. This is the first step in your campaign. Typically, the aim is to do more than show up in searches.

The main idea is to have visitors click on your pin and hopefully go a step further and visit your website.

2. Standout

Pinterest is a visual platform. Viewers while they are looking for things relevant to their search, are also looking to be inspired. They go with what catches their eye.

Contrary to this idea, many people tend to look at what others are doing in order to see what is working and do that. However, it is always better to be different.

Make Your Design Pop

In a sea of pins that tend to look the same yours need to catch the viewer’s eye. When this happens, visitors are more likely to click on your pin.

So the idea is, look at what others are doing come up with a design idea for yours that is different so it stands out. You will wish to design something that is likely to capture the viewer’s attention.

You may do this by using less popular colors, and try to use designs that is different from those that are popular.

It would also be a great approach to start by investigating the top pins for your keywords. This will give you a good idea of what is already available and where there is room for other ideas.

For instance when I searched #transformyourhome, the two pictures below is a good representation of what I found.

In a sea of neutral colors these two screenshots represent the images that caught my attention.

pins that stand out

By no means am I saying these were the best two designs, far from it. However by using different color scheme the creator was able to standout from the competition.

Use Different Pin Sizes

Bigger is better is a saying that can actually work in your favor on Pinterest. Think of a longer pins like a person that is over 6 feet in a sea of others whose height typically range from 5 ft to 5.5.

The very fact that that person’s height is abnormal will cause him to stand out. In marketing the ability to standout typically work in your favor.

So the idea is to look at the heights that is being used to for the keyword you wish to rank for and choose a size that is less popular. The larger size would be ideal unless everyone else has already embraced that idea.

When you wish to create longer pins it is important to be aware of the pin sizes allowed and the fact that larger pins may be truncated.

We will want to avoid having pins that are over the limit since this mean that viewer’s will be unable to see the entire pin in news feeds. This is to be avoided since it can negatively affect your campaign.

According to tailwind “The best Pinterest long Pin size is 1000 x 2100 px with a Pinterest Pin ratio of 1:2.1. … Pins with an aspect ratio that’s any longer than this will be truncated, or cropped in the Pinterest feed.”

3. Join Group Boards

While this may not seem important to creating the best pins. However, we usually decide if a pin is a success or not by the number of views it is able to generate.

When you are new to Pinterest growing your following and therefore your views can take some work. One of the strategies that works well to get your pins before the right audience is joining group boards.

In this way you will be able to get your pins in front of persons who follow others on the same board. If your pins are attractive and stand out from the rest you could find your following growing quickly.

This is because those who follow others on this particular board are more likely to be the type of audience you wish to get to look at your pins.

This is one easy way to grow your Pinterest following.


While Pinterest is a great way to grow a business there is a learning curve to create pins that stand out and garner more views and clicks.

However, you choose to do it the idea is to appear in searches and get noticed by viewer’s. While these many tips will help you to achieve your goal it is important to remember that it is all about the viewer.

What appeals to them changes daily so it is important to keep abreast of trends and don’t be afraid to experiment with your design.

Before You Go

Are you planning a social media campaign using Pinterest but aren’t sure where to begin? Check out this article to learn how to get started with Pinterest.

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