10 Things To Do When Writing Blog Comments

10 Ways To Write Great Blog Comments

There are many reasons why site owners are encouraged to have a site comment section. They are a great way to build relationships with visitors, clarify information, direct visitors to resources, and improve SEO. In recent times however many experienced bloggers have disabled site comments due to poor comments that were harming their sites. Since … Read more

The Benefits Of Site Comments

Benefits Of Site Comments

In recent times many blog owners have taken the initiative to remove the comment section from their websites. This is a big way has been as a result of poor site comments and spam. Good comments can be very beneficial to a website and improve SEO. However poor comments and spam can have the opposite … Read more

Identify The Target Audience For Your Business

target audience

What is it you wish to have for your website business? Traffic? Sales? Content? New website owners may think the first two. All three are important. You cannot have one without the other two and to become successful as an online business owner it is Content that needs to be your main focus. However, before … Read more

9 Practical Steps In Developing A Website

Plan your website

There is no such thing as Accidental Success unless you are playing the lottery and even then you need a ticket. You put in the work and the payoff comes later. In this blog, we are going to look at the 9 practical steps every web developer should take in developing a website or blog. … Read more