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start an online businessIs it possible to start an online business with a small capital?

In this COVID season with so many out of work, threatened foreclosure on homes, and with small businesses finding it difficult to keep their doors open; coupled with the fact that we are encouraged to remain indoors many look to the internet to find jobs or start their own businesses.

The problem is, in trying to start a business with a small capital, the inexperienced and unsuspecting may be unaware of the fact that there are lots of scams on the internet. Secondly with little or no money to invest everyone is looking for that sure thing.

In terms of finding online jobs, there are lots of places that would offer pennies for your hard work. What I would suggest to those seeking jobs is to set up a profile on places advertising jobs such as LinkedIn and monitor the opportunities often. However, don’t just leave with that job. If COVID has taught us anything it should be to take control of our financial well being.

Let the job take care of your immediate needs but start your own business on the side. Invest in yourself. Start an online business with a small capital.

First of all, let me say that in business there is no sure thing. However, having said that there are genuine opportunities for those who wish to put in the time and money.


What Business Can I Start With Little Capital?


Many despairingly ask, what business can I start with no money? Or what business can I start with little capital? The answers may surprise you. The very fact that you have no money to invest would suggest that you ought to try a service-based business.

What skills do I need to make money online? That should be the real question.

The truth is many of your strengths translate into tangible online business skills. Think about this, are you an avid reader? Can you write? Can you draw or use a computer? Are you good at motivating others? Do you have an avid imagination, do you have great marketing skills? Are you into exercise, have musical talents, or have accounting skills? Are you a trained teacher? Can you write computer programs?

Are you then one of those people asking what business can I start with little capital? Why are you asking what skills do I need to make money online? All of these translate into marketable skills for your internet business.
In fact, chances are whatever your skill there is a good chance it translates into the foundation for a marketable online business.

Point to Note:

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How do I start an Online Business?

First off if you are going for an actual business instead of a job, you will need a platform that allows you to run your own business. This generally means, either owning your own website or paying a business to allow you to work off of a platform that is already set up. There is also the option of working as a freelancer or owning a YouTube channel. I will address all of these options. However, in this post, I will only address how to start an online business by owning your own website.

A point to note however is that some of the options listed above do not translate into a viable earning potential for everyone, so ensure you seek clarification first. For instance, while anyone may create a YouTube Video the option of monetizing your channel is not open to all countries.


Why Own a Website

work online

The internet today is a virtual sea of websites many of which are commercial sites owned by giant corporations with a global reach.

So with all those companies on there, will there be a place for me? Why own a website?

This alone should tell any new business owner that there must be some

great benefits to be gained from owning a website, and yes the benefits

are many.

According to Internet-Our World in Data, there are literally billions of people online daily and this number is ever increasing. You want a piece of that customer base and yes there is space for you.

So why own a website you ask? As the owner of a website, you are able to market your skills or share information in a manner that you are comfortable with. Added to this business owners know that in today’s world, having an online presence adds to credibility for your business.
It cannot be understated how much owning a website enlarges your reach from a community store to a worldwide corporation with the ability to reach billions of customers.

So again, why own a website?

Important to any business is having insight into customers and their needs. The available tools today make it possible for online business owners to have that insight, their geographic location, gender, and buying preferences.

Finally and probably most important to any new business, owning a website cuts costs and will in time increase revenue. In fact, a website opens the possibility of running your entire business online. This in turn cuts costs by reducing the need for added staff as well as removing the need for a physical location.

If you are one of those people who wish to learn to set up and run your own website, you will find the courses available here helpful.


How do I own a Website?

WonderingIf you have gotten this far and are now curious as to how you may own a website, let me tell you, it’s easy. Wealthy Affiliate and Wix are platforms that allow you to own a website free of cost, also there is training on the Wealthy Affiliate platforms that you will find invaluable if you are serious about running a business in this global marketplace because one thing you are about to find out is that owning a website is just the beginning. Making that website visible is key to earning online. This type of training is available on this platform.

This is my number one recommended training program for anyone seeking to own an internet-based business and I stand behind this program.

There are free training programs available as well as paid ones. How serious are you about owning an online business?

Can I Do That? – I’m Not Tech Savvy

If you are one of those people who believe you need to be tech-savvy in order to build your own Website might I say Wealthy Affiliate caters to everyone regardless of their level of experience. The courses are simple and have videos, pictures, and text to cater to all the different learning styles.

Click on the picture to view one of the first training videos you will encounter at Wealthy Affiliate. When you are finished please come back and leave a comment below to tell us how you found this training.

Build a WordPress Site in 30 minutes
Build a WordPress Site in 30 seconds

Note Well:

None of the information offered on this website will help you to get rich quickly, rather they will help you to build a business from scratch that you will be able to earn a passive income in the long term.

Also at the time of writing this article, (September 2020) I am not an affiliate of Wix whether that will change in the future is anyone’s guess.


Establishing a business online is just as challenging as having one in a physical location. It takes time and energy and everyone venturing into this need to be open to learning new skills and have the discipline of every successful business owner.

However, the cost of starting an online business unlike a physical one can be extremely low.

Stop back for my follow up posts in which I will address the options of paying a business to allow you to work off of a platform that is already set up as well as working as a freelancer and finally owning a YouTube channel.

Some Final Words

If you already have your own website or are planning on building one, do check out the keyword research tool here. It will help you to rank better in search engines.

Do you have questions about starting your own traffic producing website? Would you like to know more? Leave a question in the comment section below. You may also follow the links to Wealthy Affiliate and meet me on the inside.

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Until next time,

Candy Benn.

20 thoughts on “Start an Online Business With a Small Capital – I Did It”

  1. This is a very good post you have here on how to start an online business with a small capital and I’m happy that I can learn how it is done from someone who has actually done that and has seen some gain from it. I mean, it is better to learn from a person who has actually gained some level of experience from it. I’d like to start up mine like you have. Thanks.

    • Hello Jay,

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. You came to the right place. I hope you will look around and use some of the ideas you have found here.


      Candy Benn

  2. It’s very true that you can start an online business with a small capital, but I think you need to be very careful with the way you deal with money, there are lots of scammers online nowadays that are out there just to take your money and leave you with nothing. Thanks for this sensational information

    • Hi,

      Thank you very much for stopping by and for your comments. I have to agree with you. I dealt with those scam sites for years, while I looked for genuine online business ideas. This is why  I seek to share my experiences and some genuine ideas.


      Candy Benn


  3. Well, getting started with an online business can seems  daunting to most people if we lack the basic understanding and knowledge about how they operate and all. So, seeing all you have shared here is really great altogether and I value the information shared here well, to be honest, this is a great tips that can help us get starter with working online while using the least capital. Thanks

  4. In order to start any business, capital is everything. I am speaking from the experience, I used to own 2 medium size restaurants, and the money that my partner and I had to put in it and keeping it flow was just crazy. Easily $100,000 for each place. 

    Anyways. Affiliate marketing is very lucrative to me. All I really have to put is just the web hosting, domain name and some education and that is it, I am ready to roll. The problem most people quit I think that they do not see the money rolling in fast enough. Not like the store or the restaurants. I believe that if I keep working on it and trust the process it will be worth it. 

    • Hi Nutanee,

      I have to agree with you, Affiliate marketing is not the overnight six-figure earning type of thing. It takes time but for those who stick with it, the rewards are great.


      Candy Benn

  5. Hi Candy,

    Owning a online business is not as difficult as in the old day, where you required to “at least” understand html and little bit of coding.  Today there are plenty tools that can help you create a beautiful website without prior knowledge in html or coding.

    However, to create a profitable online business is different story.  You need more than just beautiful website.  Wealthy Affiliate, as you mentioned in your article, is definitely our choice of platform to build our online business.  We have been around long, and we experience ourselves, since we join Wealthy Affiliate, our online business growing, and we learned a lot of tips and trick how to navigate in the internet.

    Thank you for great article, and story.  We wish you all the best for your online adventure!

    Kalle and Marie 

    • Hi Kalle and Marie,

      Thank you very much for stopping by and for your comments. You are correct. I myself built a website from scratch a long time ago and it was not nearly this easy to get started. Wealthy affiliate makes it super easy for persons with no experience to get their site up and running.


      Candy Benn

  6. Thanks for your insights into this. With the current situation lots of people are flocking online looking to do something to earn money. Many do not realize how tough it is or the steps needed to be taken. too much information and scammers on the internet doesn’t help either. Thanks again for this guidance.

  7. Hello Candy, it’s really a great idea that you’ve given so much into giving people who are with a small income to go minor business and so they can have a chance to make money for themselves even with the small money they have. I feel so happy that there is so much to learn here and it’s indeed a great idea

  8. For many people, entering the world of online business is a big dilemma. First of all, people don’t trust the people they see live, especially when you enter the internet world and make business ideas with people you don’t know. With the current situation lots of people are flocking online looking to do something to earn money.

     Anyone who has little capital and wants to invest some money in improving their online business must know all the benefits and risks of such an endeavor. I think this post of yours shows everything that those who want to do this business need to know.

     Thank you for the information.

    • I have to agree that trust is an issue. There are so many scams online that I don’t blame them. That is why I chose to do a site with ideas that are all real. I want to help others achieve what I spent years working toward.

      Candy Benn

  9. Hi Candy,
    Thanks for this article that shows us how to build an online business through blogging. It’s indeed the best option to proceed for people who don’t have much capital to spare. (me included) Making videos to do affiliate marketing is harder than writing because it needs more facilities to make videos, so I might follow your tips to build my own website. I am excited to learn something new to generate more income streams online. Thanks for sharing today!


    • Hi Matt,
      Thank you very much for your comment.

      It’s true that making videos is more difficult however these same lessons at Wealthy Affiliate take you further than just creating websites. It will teach you how to also create videos and market them. So if this is your preference Wealthy Affiliate has much to offer you too.

      There is even much information for anyone who wishes to own an online store or sell eBooks. The information is superb and the mentors are many.

      Candy Benn

  10. Hi Candy! I really enjoyed reading your article. It’s really important to let people know that building an online business is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. I think it’s important to have the right tools and get the right mindset, it becomes easier.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      I agree with you completely. It would be wrong for me to allow others to believe that they will be an overnight success just because they built a website. It is my intent to share the truth and show persons who are prepared to put in the time that they can be successful at this. Wealthy Affiliate offers the right tools but we still have to put in the work so as to be successful.

      If we said otherwise we would attract people looking to get rich quick and they would leave as quickly as they arrive. This is only for persons who are prepared to work with the tools provided. Then success will follow.

      Candy Benn


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