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If you are reading this chances are you are looking to start an email marketing campaign for your business. I recommend AWeber Email Marketing Software with no reservations.

Having the best campaign for your business is extremely important. Each of us has different needs, I hope that my review will help you to make the best possible choice for you. You should also read more about AWeber and other Email Marketing services.

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What Does AWeber Offer Its Customers

Features Pro Free
Subscribers No limit 500
Emails No limit 3000 per month
Lists No limit 1
Write and send emails Yes Yes
Email Automation Yes Yes
Easy Email Builder Yes Yes
Free Email Templates Yes Yes
Dynamic Emails Yes Yes
Free Professional Images Yes Yes
Email Split Testing (this is applied to the entire email) Yes No
Behavioral Automation Yes No
Branded click-tracking links Yes No
No AWeber branding Yes No
Landing Pages
Without AWeber Branding Yes No
Free Landing Page Templates Yes Yes
Video Landing Pages Yes Yes
No AWeber Branding Yes No
Limitless Landing Page Templates Yes Yes
List Building
Free Sign up forms Yes No
WordPress Plugin Yes Yes
Sign up form split testing Yes No
Save and send to custom segments Yes No
Simple subscriber and message analytics Yes Yes
Advanced Message Analytics Yes No
Advanced Audience/Account Analytics Yes No
Webpage Tracking Yes No
Sales Tracking Yes No


AWeber Review

According to StatsCrop AWeber was registered 22 years ago.

AWeber undoubtedly appears to have a great tool, however, upon checking their Trustpilot customer review AWeber has only 2.1 out of 5 stars. StatsCrop on the other hand gave it a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

Rating on customer experience (Trustpilot) differs from person to person. 36% of reviewers rated this email marketing platform and software as either good or excellent, while 52% labeled it as bad with the other 12% falling in between.

Reviews on Trust Radius on the other hand gave AWeber 8.5 out of 10 stars. The customers who gave their reviews had a lot of great things to say about AWeber’s ability to get the job done (email delivered). There were many praises for their customer service team too. Some issues were mentioned about the ability to track sales and the design is dated and more.

A look at AWeber’s reviews on GetApp showed AWeber as having 4.3 stars. Generally, all customers had both negative and negative things to say. In this instance, there was definitely more of the former.

Do read AWeber Customer review on Trustpilot, GetApp and TrustRadius.


Regardless of the size of your business AWeber has a package that is right for you. The fact that AWeber has a fast-growing customer base would lead one to believe that this is a really great email marketing software.

I started using AWeber in the last month and to date, I am quite pleased with their service. More than that several of my contacts use AWeber and are quite pleased with their software.

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Candy Benn

4 thoughts on “Review – AWeber Email Marketing Software”

  1. Wow, I’d always heard a lot about email marketing but had no idea that there were services like this that can take care of most of the headaches for you. If you say that you’ve found great results then I should definitely be looking into it as well. Thank you for this great review.

    • Hi Stevie,

      Email marketing is indeed a great way to grow a business. Most people visit your site once and leave never to return, however, Email marketing helps a site owner to turn one-time visitors into returning, loyal customers.

      More than that AWeber’s free service is really ideal for new businesses that only have a few website visitors. Best of all it allows you to put your marketing budget to go used on other things until you begin to bring in enough to afford the paid service.

      Candy Benn

  2. Great review Candy,

    I love Aweber, not because they’ve been in the market for long, that is pretty self-explanatory for most people since Aweber’s features and flexibility accepts all niches but the first time I subscribed to it, I received an envelope sent to my house written by the CEO to thank me, I still save until today and have never stopped using Aweber hehe. A little personal touch like that goes a long way when we live in front of a screen wouldn’t you agree?

    • Hi Riaz,

      Indeed the personal touches go a long way. In a day when the computer seems to have caused a reduction in the human touch that sort of service would definitely cause me to feel more appreciated as a customer.

      I love the fact that they constantly reach out to me, offering to help with my email marketing campaign when I am still only a free member.

      I also like their platform because it’s very easy to navigate.

      Candy Benn


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