What Can You Expect As An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is big business. Many sites available on the internet are involved in Affiliate marketing.

Think, how many sites or YouTube videos have you been on and seen product ads? Advertising other people’s products is what Affiliate Marketing is all about.


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How to Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Getting into Affiliate Marketing is easy, becoming a successful affiliate marketer takes work and training, however.

If you are new to the idea of affiliate marketing and wish to know what it is all about check out my post Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

Learn Affiliate Marketing HereAffiliate marketing requires you to have an online presence. You generally need to own some sort of online property in order to do it. This generally requires the ownership of a website or YouTube channel. You may check out my post on How to Start Your Own Blog or Website and Earn From It.

You will need to find a niche and write VALUABLE, AUTHENTIC content that will engage internet users. Lastly, You will need to apply to affiliate programs to receive permission to advertise for different merchants.

Are These the Only Ways to Make Money As an Affiliate Marketer?

Certainly not. These are just the fundamental things we use for Affiliate Marketing.

How Much Money Can You Make As An Affiliate Marketer

In terms of making money online, the sky is the limit. Some earn very little while others earn so much they are quitting their jobs to do it full time.


People may sell you the idea that you can get into affiliate marketing and earn thousands of dollars easily. This is not quite true.

Can you make thousands of dollars? Yes. Is it easy? That depends on your perspective.

I say for some it will appear easy because if you know what you are doing it will be easy for you.

To make serious money online you need to provide value and rank on the first page of Google. With training and the right tools, it is easy to rank for certain long-tail keywords, but it takes TIME.

It Takes Patience

For some, this will not be so easy because you will need to be consistent in posting content, this means you will need to commit your time to post content regularly, at least two to three times per week. You will also need to be patient because this does not happen overnight. It can take months to start making revenue. Having patience and posting consistently even when no revenue is being generated is the hardest part of all. If you have the right keywords ranking will begin to happen within three to six months.

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The search engines take time to trust you and therefore it takes time for a website to begin to rank.

Once your site begins to rank then you can expect your traffic to build in the next three months. This is when you will typically begin to earn.

Affiliate marketing is a business, not a job. Like any other business, it takes time to make a success at it. Like any business, in the beginning, there will be a period in which you can expect to make an investment and have to, wait in faith and simply do your part to build a great foundation. You will need to learn all you can to create your content and implement your marketing campaign while trusting that your strategy will reap the desired returns.

Will you succeed? Some will and some won’t. As with any other business, many will fail because they do not have the patience, discipline, training, or other resources.

Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great tool to help affiliate marketers earn online. This works even without SEO training since the website does not need to rank on page one to begin to payout.

During the early stages of a website, Social Media Marketing allows Affiliate Marketers to connect with visitors and build traffic while waiting for their site to mature and rank.

social Media MarketingIn fact not all affiliate marketers bother with SEO. Some prefer to focus on social media and email marketing since these may yield results earlier.

However, those who are making a killing here on the internet are using SEO.

The beauty of SEO is that once the site begins to rank on the first page of the search engines you may begin to see thousands of visitors per month without having to do much of anything.

Ideally, an Affiliate marketer would want to use SEO, Email Marketing, and social media marketing together. This is because traffic is the backbone of the Affiliate Marketing process and Email Marketing should always go hand in hand with SEO to ensure visitors return to a website after that first connection is made.

Added to this more traffic means more revenue and both search engines and social media have organic traffic. Any smart affiliate marketer knows not to leave money on the table.

A few of the platforms that affiliate Marketers use for Social Media Marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedln.


As an Affiliate Marketer, you should expect to work hard and consistently to build up your website. Expect that the earning process will take months but will happen if you make the effort to learn and use SEO. Social Media Marketing is a great way to shortcut the process of driving traffic to a website since this is one way to bring your site to the attention of potential visitors.

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