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Perhaps the most difficult thing about internet marketing is getting your product before your ideal customer and making them convert. Today, to close off our course I wish to share one of the easiest ways to get your products before actual buyers and make sales.

Imagine if you could have a list of names and addresses of actual buyers who are shopping items in your field. This would be a really great thing.

Before you continue if you have not completed the section on Making Use Of The Information Gathered From The Professionals please go back and do so.

Two things that make this list extremely valuable are:

  • These people have already established their interest in your type of product.
  • These people are actually spending their money on products in this field already. These are the best type of customers because they are taking action all you need to do is show them why they need your product.

So let’s just say you are in the self-publishing niche.

You find a person, let’s call this person Ronald,¬† who has a list of customers who purchase book covers. You are an expert at marketing books.

So you decide to use your expertise in the self-publishing field to help up-and-coming writers to get their books before book lovers who are interested in that genre. These authors pay you 15 percent of the total sales.

A simple and easy way to get started is to offer an incentive to the person creating their book covers to recommend you to his customers.

For instance, if you are earning 15% of the total sales per book you may then offer Ronald 3% of the money you make from each customer he sends who use your marketing service.

Since this is a simple recommendation that increases his earning power, Ronald is likely to jump on this opportunity. Now you have access to his customer base and you are only obliged to make a payment if you earn from his recommendation.

It is a win-win for both of you.

Why Stop There?

Another great thing to do would be to offer another upsell to these customers. For instance, you may expand the service you offer them by another segment to your business and even offer an incentive for using both.

For instance, you may offer to actually take over the actual publishing component for an additional cost.

There is a good chance that they will be willing to give your service a go if they are already using it for marketing.

Here Are Three Things to Consider As You Embark On Your Journey

Give value every time. If there is a choice between making money and protecting your brand by offering a better quality of service at a cheaper price, always protect your brand.

The money will come as you earn your customer’s trust. You will see this in three ways:

  • They will use your service again and again simply because you offer them value. This is extremely important since it represents a steady long-term income.
  • These persons will tell their friends about you because they were satisfied with your service.
  • Having a second or third product on hand will work well in your favor because satisfied customers are more likely to buy more from you because they trust you.

How To Find Someone With The Appropriate List

Look for someone in the same market but a different niche.

For instance, someone in the exercise niche may find another person in the diet niche to partner with. One thing you already know for sure is that the persons on this list are already interested in weight loss.

This means that they are more likely to be interested in your product.

Getting Someone To Allow You To Use Their List

Affiliate marketers are always looking for ways to increase our online earnings. As such offering, a monetary incentive in the nature of promoting your resource (business or product) can be the start of a great new relationship.

From there you will want to collect the email addresses in order to retarget those buyers.

However, for any affiliate marketer worth his salt, having a good product to promote is extremely important. This is because we build our business on trust.

This means that before you do this be sure that the product you are promoting is worth the effort so as to avoid damaging their businesses.

Home Work

  • Research really great related product
  • Find an affiliate marketer with a great track record in a related niche
  • Connect with the affiliate marketer and make him the offer of a lifetime
  • Prepare a pitch for his customers

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